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Welcome to Spirits in the Sky

EVERYONE is welcome to this site……….

This is a Spiritual community site, designed to help others on their spiritual journey.

Spirits in the sky is completely free! and we promise never to pass on your details to third parties.

Join us, to be amongst other like minded people! who love to guide, teach and help others on their journey.

Whether you are interested in spiritualism, mediumship, angels, divination, astral travel, past life regression, meditation, wicca, philosophy, crystals, healing and much much more, there is always someone here who knows about it!

Remember, that we are all on a journey whether it be to learn, help, guide or teach, we all serve a purpose and you have found or been guided to this site for a reason.

We are spiritual beings….
After these bodies are dead
Our spirits shall soar…..
And we shall be Spirits in the Sky……

It is with great pleasure I endorse the endevours of this website.
Having been a working Spiritualist medium and healer for 34 years
I fully support any effort to encourage potential spiritual workers
to focus on there development.

It is so vital to remeber always that in dealing with the public you are
often put in the position of having to deal with incredible fragile
human emotions and feelings and the efforts you have made in
your development will give you the tools to handle these very emotive situations.

Strengthening your spiritual link and developing the
sense of responsibility that goes with the job will only
enhance your reputation and standing in the spiritual community.

love and light

Colin Fry


We are currently moving our website and services hosting and you will experience a loss of many of our features during the move.

We will endeavour to return the site to full functionality as soon as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience dring the move


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